Thursday, October 6, 2011

TeacHaiti First Day of School

This week is back-to-school time in Haiti. Haitian schools started Monday, October 3, and we are seeing little kids in matching school uniforms making their way down the street each morning.

My favorite part is the little girls' hair; in Haiti hair is a big deal. You would never send a child to school with hair unkempt; in fact, the school would not allow you in. Some schools don't allow you in unless your little plastic ponytail holders (of which a black child with many braids or pigtail must have many) match your uniform.

The TeacHaiti School of Hope, where all the sponsored kids from Texas attend along with other kids, opened Monday as well.
This could be your sponsored child!
Ready to jump in.

To see the whole post, with about ten pics of the first day, check out Miquette's TeacHaiti blog.

Photos taken by Elisabeth Ream, a new on-campus friend and wife of our middle school Bible teacher.


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