Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TeacHaiti Bracelets for Sale!

Update Oct. 13 11 am: the deal is almost sold out and will be closed soon! Amazing success. The BitsyBug peeps say they may get more bracelets and run the deal again in the future. Hooray!


Very exciting news. Many of you may know my dear friend and Quisqueya Christian School fellow teacher, Miquette, who also founded the amazing ministry TeacHaiti that we rave about so often. She's getting married this weekend to our other dear friend and next door neighbor, Art. This is big time.

All you Southerners might immediately be thinking, "Oh gosh! I haven't thought to send a gift! There's no time to have anything monogrammed!"

Well, never fear.

In light of my hero Miquette's impending nuptials, why not honor her by buying a bracelet to support TeacHaiti! Limited time offer....

A website called BitsyBug is like the Groupon of kid/mom stuff. Today's daily deal is benefiting our very own beloved TeacHaiti!

Maybe you feel you can't afford the $350 to sponsor a child to attend their school for a year.

But just $10 can buy a bracelet, and all proceeds go toward TeacHaiti!

As a reminder, TeacHaiti is an educational sponsorship program where $350 will sponsor a child for a whole year to receive: private school tuition, uniforms, hot daily lunch, school supplies, immunizations, and more (such as occasional doctor visits to the school).

The teenagers at TeacHaiti make jewelry as part of an art program held on Saturdays (which was dreamed up to provide them with marketable skills, and, let's be honest, as a way to get them to the school on Saturdays in order to feed them).

Cute bracelet. Support education for Haiti's poorest of the poor. Win win, people.

You can buy the bracelet and check out all of BitsyBug's cool daily deals for moms and kids at


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