Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sarah & Seniors

Today was a great day for two reasons.

#1 I got to spend the last hour of the day, as I do almost every day, with these fine young people. The three of them make up half of my Advanced Literature class. It's a teacher's dream- read excellent literature, write papers, discuss current event nonfiction articles. There are six of them, they are all very skilled students and responsible, and we get to cut past the classroom management junk and go straight to the heart of ideas and deep questions of life- the point of school, right?

They're playing with my Popsicle sticks. I have one for each student, color coded by class, for those moments when I want everyone to be on alert that I'm going to draw a name... so have an answer prepared. They found their own names and posed. I love them.

#2 I had a SARAH SIGHTING today! If you're new around, please go to the labels on the right column and read about Sarah... our beloved little one. Sarah is Ben's and my sponsored child through TeacHaiti. Very conveniently, she attends the big blue preschool right next door to our house. This week was the first for Haitian schools this year. I walk out my gate this morning, and I see a tiny little girl in a bright yellow polo, with hair freshly done up in decorated pigtails.

It's Sarah.

As always, I'm so happy to see her I immediately forget all my Kreyol. She was sheepish, but she remembered me. I stumbled my way into "are you going to school today?" and "I am so happy to see you!" A kiss on the cheek and off I go to school, and off she goes. Miquette has prepped me with some other questions to memorize for the next unexpected Sarah Sighting, such as "what do you like in school? Math? Coloring?" Working on it.


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