Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marine Matt Comes Home

I've mentioned that my only sibling Matt has been serving with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan since last spring. I know what you're thinking- one child in Haiti and one child in Afghanistan? My poor mother. You're right. We've been praying and praying and praying for Matt all this time. His unit lost almost two dozen men, with over a hundred wounded.

This past Tuesday my parents and Matt's fiance Kelsey flew to California to welcome him at his home base, Camp Pendleton, in San Clemente. They flew from Afghanistan to Kyrgyzstan, and there were all these delays- reroute to Ireland? to Ontario? to Anchorage, Alaska? My parents were worried he would be delayed so long they would miss his return.

On Thursday they went to the Parade Deck at Camp Pendleton at about 5 am, and waited. And waited. And waited. About 11 am they finally heard the men arriving.......

Patriot Guard drives into the Parade Deck just ahead of the Marines
 The Patriot Guard Riders is a motorcycle club that attends funerals of military, police, and firemen. They also accompany returning servicemembers to their homecoming ceremonies, and they escort bodies of war dead from their entry in the US to their funerals, no matter where in the country.
1/5 Weapons Company marches on the Parade Deck. Screaming families await!
The moment we've all prayed for! Kelsey and Matt.
Matt hugs our mama.
Doesn't matter if you are 5 or 25, boys still make this same face when getting kisses from your mama.
Blissing face, silly face
Basking in the glow of having him back!
I am so happy for Kelsey, and for my parents, and mostly for Matt, that this season of war is over. Last night I had a dream that Matt & Kelsey and Ben & I bought a house together. It was a total piece of trash, but we renovated it together. Also there was a part about the former owner of the home refusing to move out and being there during the renovation... and all the ceilings being upholstered in lace. Oh, silly subconscious....

Welcome home, Marine Matt. I am so proud of you.



  1. I had that question in my mind when I came over tonight... but somehow I forgot to ask! How funny, that neighbors keep in touch via blogs ;-)

    So happy for you and your family :-)

  2. Tonight, Dad and I named off all the things we don't have to worry about this week. The list got pretty long!! Most poignant, however, was Dad saying he doesn't have to check outside first thing in the morning for an official vehicle. Thank you, Jesus.

  3. Amen, amen and amen! My heart has been so very full for the Wilhoits! What a wonderful season of prayers answered and promises fulfilled. You have rallied us, inspired us, united us - our prayers for the 1/5 (and the 3/7, who'll take over for them) continue. Thank you, Matt & comrades, for your service, and thank you to all the families who sacrifice as well.

    @Susan - your comment made me bawl. We must get together soon to celebrate in person! I've been itchin' to give you a biggo hug!

    @Katie - thank you for sharing yourself - and your family - with us. I couldn't have imagined how special your entire family would become to me and Jack, and I'm so grateful all our lives have crossed. Prayers continue for y'all, too, for dear Miquette and Art, for all the kiddos your lives have touched, and all the people of Haiti. Love y'all!



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