Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Days We Forgot the Camera 1

I loaded photos from my ipod onto my computer for the first time in six months, and found a treasure trove of forgotten Haiti memories- the kind that happened at some event thought too unlikely to warrant a Kodak moment to bring the camera.
When you hang out with the Kindergarten teacher, you rediscover your childhood faves.
Sunset from the Ackermans' house on the Montagne Noir.
All our friends are pregnant.
Just another day in sophomore English class.
Sometimes homes in Haiti have the bathroom right out there in the middle of the bedroom.
Staff get-together at Ibo Lele.
The Izzo, our love/hate Haiti car. She's only five years younger than me.
The inverter battery system lacks humility.
Why it's hard for me to get out of bed. Haiti morning light is enchanting.
My favorite painting in our Haiti house.
Tiffany trying to break into our house after we locked ourselves out.
Worship at house church.
The beach in Jacmel.
My Senior Transitions class learns to remove stains.
Seniors showing off their shirts in my classroom- all stains gone!
The on-campus staff rolls in style everywhere we go, via the Jin Bei van.
Life in Haiti. Sigh.


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