Saturday, October 1, 2011


I turned 26 last week. I don't know how to feel about it.
I do know how to feel about this, though- the best part of the birthday was notes from students. One tenth grade girl created this precious note above, and the letter that went with it will be in my nightstand for a long time. I love teaching.

Friday was my birthday, and all my students turned in a little essay on what they want their life to look like at 26, and how they're going to get there. Reading those was fascinating and surprising- I love how so many say by 26 they will have: a spouse and kids, their own business, a master's degree, and a house. Haha. I have exactly one of those things. Best of luck, timoun yo. But their dreams, while occasionally having slightly unrealistic timelines, are really beautiful and inspiring. I was in tears by the end of the seniors' essays. Because of their age and the fact that we've spent a month working on their college plans in Senior Transitions class, the seniors really have a more concrete and definite plan. Several mentioned wanting to serve Haiti in their futures, whether from the island itself or by raising money stateside. Funny enough, it was the young men who voiced the strongest desire to be fathers soon- many said their highest priority is to be a good dad. Mostly all desired to not only finish college, but seek graduate degrees. Use your strengths and dreams to fight for the kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven, students. Pick a battle and start fighting.

For dinner Ben and I went out with Art and Miquette for dinner at my favorite restaurant here- the Thai place in Petionville, Look Nun. On Saturday, randomly a bunch of people decided to go to the beach, so we jumped on that train, too. Sunday we went to church, went to lunch with the Ackermans, then had the campus teachers over for snacks and banana bread baked by my friend and colleague, the amazing Tiffany Nash. I felt so loved and celebrated.

26. By this age my mother had a master's, two babies, and a house in Plano. I'm wearing a trail between PAP, MIA, and DFW that leaves me with a firm knowledge of the terminal and gate location of the Chili's in Miami and the best way to handle the pushy red-hat porters outside of Haitian baggage claim. I settled down, then un-settled and packed away my life in ten Rubbermaid tubs in my parents' garage.

Predictions for 26:
- we celebrate three years of marriage in November
- I get FOMO for fall as I watch hundreds of Facebook statuses referencing pumpkin spice lattes, leaves changing color, cold snaps, boots, peacoats, football, cider, and Thanksgiving
- Christmas this year will be irreplaceable as we all celebrate my brother's return from Afghanistan
- Ben and I make a major decision about our future
- aforementioned brother Matt and Kelsey get married (they're engaged)
- about half a dozen of my besties give birth (next spring is already a full calendar of due dates!)
- we continue working on Kreyol, get pretty funcitonal
- I actually finish my one-year Bible reading plan, after having started it about eight times

But of course we all know it's the unexpected moments that change life the most. What could they be for B and I in the next year? Natural disaster? Surprise pregnancy? Family emergency? Student breakthrough, mass revival?

In other news, I am currently blogging to stall because I have made a bad decision that will result in me slaving for the rest of the day. I made the rookie teacher mistake of having a paper due, in all classes, yesterday. I have 2 pages x 50 English students (outside reading for September), plus 3-4 pages x 22 sophomores (Julius Caesar paper). Egads. But last night was very fun- there was a pickup volleyball game on campus and there were enough people for two games going. Ben and I lost every game. But I did love playing. I don't get active enough, though I love it every time I do. Yesterday was also a panel discussion in Senior Transitions class on sex and relationships. Six teachers came in and fielded questions bravely from a room full of 12th graders. It was great- honest questions, sincere answers. Loved it.

Other October news:
Today is my future sister-in-law Kelsey's birthday. I love you!

Ben got some exciting news this week. He's going to be joining our director Steve and our principal Rod for a Paideia teaching conference in Chicago in late October. 

Miquette and Art's wedding is in two short weeks! We are all dying for the day to arrive. Best of all, now they get to be my next door neighbors.

My amazing Marine brother Matt comes home from Afghanistan soon. Ben and I won't be able to be there for the homecoming, but my parents and Kelsey are just bursting with excitement for that moment. He has a little bit longer of foot patrols, though- please pray.

Love you guys,



  1. You know, your momma didn't come to my wedding because she was preggers with YOU! But I forgave her cuz she is special. And a big Happy Birthday to you. We pray fervently for Matt's safe return to the good old US of A.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! :)



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