Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teach This

Yesterday Katie wrote about wanting to prove she is a real teacher; I have felt the same guilt since recently admitting to teaching while on hallucinogenic snow-cone syrup. I want to be funny, but I also want you to know I take most things I do here seriously.

Luckily, last week I was able to have a yearbook class photographer in my class to document my reenactment of the Little Albert experiment on my boss' kids... I mean... what?

My psychology class has been learning about infant and childhood development, so I asked my principal, Rod, if he was okay with bringing his kids into my class to do demonstrations of the things we read about. Shockingly, he agreed. 15 teenagers and I spent a class period with his kids. The pictures below are graphic(ly cute), but show that no one was harmed.
Our participants, the Meadth boys, with their parents.
One student checks Isaiah's reflexes.
This student was clearly terrified of (white) babies.
Asher flirts with a much older woman while we tried to demonstrate object permanence.
Asher is questioned about which of the two objects on the desk is "more".
Asher plays with another much older woman while his parents sneak out of the room and return later so we can observe attachment types.
 I lead the students in a discussion of what we have seen today. (Note the Mavs poster in the background).
No seriously, look, they are all learning...
Asher really enjoyed his first day of high school.

See, we are REAL teachers.


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