Monday, September 19, 2011

Soccer Season Begins

Sometimes I look back at our blog and think to myself, "I want my friends to know my job doesn't consist entirely of sporting events or visiting TeacHaiti". I guess those are just the days I take pictures. I swear I teach in an actual classroom, all day every day. That's tricky, though, when it comes to blogging- I can't go around taking photos in the middle of my third period lecture, and my students (and their parents) have a much more American-style sense of online privacy that do many other Haitians who aren't online....

Oh well. Anyway, last week we had a soccer game to officially start the Quisqueya season.
Josiah, a new QCS PE teacher, coaches the team.
 Kevin takes a water break. The night before was stormy and it drizzled during the game, so everybody got muddy.
Patrick sets up his next shot on goal.
This one is my favorite. The little buddies from the Manasseros' boys' home, Maison de Lumiere, were there to cheer on their older boys, who were playing against our school team. The little boys all got a drink. What better to do with empty plastic bottles when finished? Recycle? Planters for seedlings? How about a sword fight? Yes, that sounds best.

Love, Katie

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