Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Haiti on Sunday

Here we go again. Back to Haiti on Sunday for another school year.

For a few weeks now I've been looking towards our return with ambivalent feelings- goodbye to all my comforts, goodbye to the feast that is summer in Texas. Feast of friends, feast of food, feast of laughter and homey things.

But then I sent an email to my students last week, reminding them about a supply I'm requiring for my class and also saying "how was your summer?" and "how can I pray for you?" I got quite a few responses from some of the high school girls I'm closest to. As I saw their little names pop up in my inbox, my heart warmed up about leaving Texas for Haiti. Their emails said they missed me and were excited for English class and bragged about books they read this summer. Some used textspeak (dear miss k i love u tonz!!!!), and even that was endearing. I miss them. I love them!

Two weeks ago I was in New Orleans on a girls' trip with The Tribe, a fantastic group of women who prayed together every week of our last two years at Baylor. That's all we did- just pray for each other. The last night of our trip we were on the porch at Sarah's parents' house, celebrating Sarah's engagement to Sergio. A conversation struck up about how hard it is to live in Haiti, and then we started to talk about heaven. I started to cry talking with Laura and Lauren about heaven, and how I will see some students there, partially because of how we love and teach them at Quisqueya...

And in the middle of that thought, with my eyes on that image, I  honestly could not care less about the comforts I leave behind in Texas. My life is so short. In two hundred years not even my own descendants will know my name. In less than one hundred years everything I own will be in a yard sale, or my grandkids' garages. I will need to reconjure that image when I'm sulking or feeling sorry for myself at the hurdles of Haitilife. We may walk back into our apartment and find it's been flooding since May, or we may go four days without water.... or any other number of annoyances. But when I think about heaven, and who will be there, and what I want my life's work to be......



  1. Amen and amen.

    We'll miss you, sweet friend. Have a safe journey, and know our hearts go with you. Prayers and much love to everyone there. Please give everyone hugs for us!

    Much love, Jen & Jack

  2. So beautiful & inspiring, friend.

  3. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.



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