Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Kids on the Block

And we're off! Today was the second day of school. Things have gone well so far, in part because of the really capable and friendly new staff. Here's the rundown on the New Kidz on campus.

In our house (which is across the street from the campus, and is chopped up into three apartments), we have Kellyanne and Jill now moved in. Kellyanne is an Aussie, and I'm loving the accent. She's teaching third grade and is a go-getter with a fabulous sense of hospitality. Jill is leading our second graders, and is a recent grad who could not be friendlier. I love living next door to them both.

Over on the main campus Jarrett has just joined our staff and moved to Haiti to join his brand new wife Tiffany, who was with us last year. She's still teaching 5th and Jarrett is with Ben and I in high school, manning the computer lab. He's starting a really interesting film class- I wish I could take it, honestly. He's a smart guy who's already planning ahead for next spring's yearbook- I like that.

Josiah joined our staff full-time this fall after coming last spring to do his student teaching in PE. He's sporting some killer dreadlocks now and loves outdoorsy adventures. His claim to fame last spring was, getting in a moto accident and slamming face-first into a wall, requiring a trip to a Haitian ER for stitches. Quite a story to write home about. He led worship in our back-to-school rally on the first morning of school.

Amber is living with Miquette currently, and is taking on a mix of PE and middle school social studies. She is a Texan! Better yet, from Dallas. She is lovely and has a big heart for middle schoolers, which makes her practically a saint in my book.

Last but not least, Irene and Robbie! They hail from South Carolina and Virginia and we have loved getting to know them. They visited last spring during their process of discernment regarding their move to Haiti. Ben and I were trying very hard to be nonchalant, but were secretly hoping hoping hoping they would come... and here they are. Irene is a guidance counselor and Robbie teaches high school Bible- they are both talented artists and deep thinkers. I'm working with Irene on helping our seniors get oriented to the college process.

That is our crew! Art and Miquette are newly engaged and will be joining households come this fall. There are two more arrivals to come to our on-campus commune life: the Ream family comes in a few weeks with their kids, and another single male teacher is coming who I don't know much about.

Commune life. I highly recommend it.


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  1. And yourself and Ben have been the perfect welcomers! (is that a word?)
    Thank you for the smiles, random visits and making us feel "at home in Haiti".




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