Thursday, August 25, 2011

Medical Clinic at TeacHaiti

On Tuesday we got the day off from school due to Hurricane Irene. I was very excited to have the free time since I knew Miquette had a team in town working to provide medical and dental treatment for her TeacHaiti kids.
Everyone got a check of mouth, ears, eyes, nose, hands and feet.
 And a little listen to the heart.
Next, the students went upstairs on the roof to have their vision tested and be weighed.
 Then everybody saw a dentist. The best part- not only the students, but also their parents were seen. This mama is being treated by a dentist from Fairfax Community Church in Virginia.
Afterward I heard him tell Miquette that more than half the kids' teeth were in good shape, however the parents, on the whole, had many more problems. He said the biggest issues were infections and teeth that needed removal.
 Showing off her brand new toothbruth and toothpaste. In addition, Fairfax Community Church made a student health record for each child. That will help them track changes over time, but also help them refer students to local health providers for more extensive treatments (tooth extraction, for example).
 Waiting in line to visit the doctors.
 They had a little pharmacy set up for those who needed prescriptions, but everybody left with at least a baggie of vitamins.
And afterward, a hot meal. Some kids had already come on Monday, but showed up Tuesday as well for the big lunch.

I love TeacHaiti big time.


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