Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

 First, Miquette came to town! Our dear friend, fellow Quisqueya teacher, and the founder of TeacHaiti spent a week in Dallas speaking about her amazing organization and drumming up new sponsors.  We had a little party at our house where she met the Carters.
Next we headed to Vacation Bible School, where this team worked to communicate to kids the importance of sharing the love of Jesus by meeting needs around the world.
Kids and adults from the church conducted a change drive and raised thousands of dollars- every penny goes to educational sponsorships through TeacHaiti.
On the last day the VBS kids made a coloring book for TeacHaiti students. Each image is labeled with English and Kreyol, helping the TeacHaiti kids to learn English vocab.
 I spent time with my beloved future sister-in-law, and met my puppy-in-law Benny :)
We traveled to Austin to celebrate the wedding of Luke and Colette!
 The next week we headed to Mt. Lebanon for children's camp. This is my 9th year at this camp, always with 5th grade girls. I adore this week each year, and it is very spiritually nourishing while also very challenging. I learn a lot about conflict resolution, parenting, and teaching.
 Ben and I sported our Prezidan Martelly shirts on neon glow-in-the-dark night at children's camp. Tet Kale!
 I loved my 5th grade Ladybugs!
 Harry Potter at midnight with Kelsey. Sigh. The end.
 We danced all night as Laura became Mrs. Elmore in Dallas!
 The dance floor was a-rockin' at Laura and John's wedding.
 Members of my Baylor prayer group, the Tribe, traveled from seven cities to celebrate Sarah and Sergio's engagement in New Orleans. It was a precious, tender time together with lots of prayer, tears, laughs, and over 24 hours in the car :)
 My mom invited her new friend Olivia over for dinner and froyo. Olivia is an international student from Taiwan in Dallas for graduate school. My mom is her sponsor/friend/English helper through a program at church. Olivia's boyfriend and sister joined us. I have loved learning from her.

Whew. I promise we have rested much more than last summer. We head back to Haiti in less than two weeks. I feel lots of things at once.


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