Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TeacHaiti Deadline Is This Week

Dear friends and Haiti-lovers,

You've heard us talk a million times about TeacHaiti: an educational sponsorship program that provides school for the poorest of the poor kids in Haiti. For $350 a year, you can sponsor a sweet little kid to have daily hot lunch, tuition, books, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, immunizations, doctor visits, etc. etc. The 220 kids go to school in neighborhood private schools (free public schools basically don't exist in Haiti), except for about 70 of them in grades 1-4 who attended the new TeacHaiti School of Hope just down the street from Ben and I (and Quisqueya where we teach) in Port-au-Prince. Miquette Denie is the founder, and she is our friend and is generally everybody's hero. Yes, you've heard this all before.

Each year there are dozens and dozens of new applicants! Lots of kids in line for an opportunity of a lifetime like this. Each year Miquette and her team have to wade through the applications and select the kids who will be accepted.

How many spots will be open for next year? Well, that depends on you, to be frank.

The deadline for sponsors to send in their $350 is July (in the next week, I believe) so that Miquette can see how many sponsors she will have, and accept the right amount of kids into her program.

Yesterday I sent in my check to sponsor Sarah again. Remember Sarah? She has an entire category of posts in the list of tags at right ->. In the same envelope my parents sent their check to sponsor Woudjina again. She'll be moving on to fourth grade this year, because of my parents.

Are you thinking about sponsoring? Can you find $350? Can your Sunday School class or small group? Your office? Your Bible study/book club/ mom's group/ PTA? How about your child's youth group, or their class? Soccer team?

As a word of challenge, two weeks ago I watched as children from age 4 to 12 at the church where I grew up raised over $4,000 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Surely we can do the same with grown up incomes.

A 3rd grade girl said she broke her piggy bank and gave TeacHaiti all that was in it. Twenty six dollars. An older boy gave the $40 he had been saving for a video game. (I really hope his parents bought it for him! If I were his mother I'd be mush at that kind of generosity and would probably buy him two or something!)

If you're thinking about sponsoring, this is the final week or two for this next school year. Please forward this around- every $350 will literally change a child's life. We're not talking about giving a kid a stuffed animal here- they will eat and learn to read, or they will not.

Checks can be made out to TeacHaiti and mailed to:
PO Box 1173
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502-1173

There is a form that can be printed and sent along with your donation. The form is here. Make sure to note whether you want your donation to go toward operations or a child sponsorship.

Paypal donations can be made at http://teachaiti.org/.


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