Monday, July 11, 2011


There is simply no other way to title this post than in all caps. Children's Camp is the most high volume week of the year. And my favorite :)

16 5th grade girls. 4 counselors. 150 other kids from our church..... let's go. Here's what I did last week:
The 5th grade girls are named the Ladybugs. Each year two boys are honorary Ladybugs- Ben and Mark.
Getting their ladybug headbands at the church.
Ben and I at the Alpine Tower! Please note the height of this structure, as in a moment you'll see me waaaay up on top of it.
Ben on Whiteout Night. Does your children's camp have a rave? I highly recommend adding it to the schedule.
(PS The theme was about light and darkness this year.... thus, the glow-in-the-dark party)
(PPS Please note Ben's Prezidan Martelly shirt)
Ben and some fellow counselors with their camplings.
Two of my ladybugs.
Silly faces at the Zipline Tower.
Me at the top of the Alpine Tower!
Meredith and Jennifer.
All our nametags and headbands while we did the Zip Tower.
Beautiful Nicole, co-counselor.
Amazing Olivia, our flower girl, who gets to come to camp because her daddy leads worship and makes our video.
Pippa, Elizabeth, Emily

Trey's camp tradition: Sharpies and a mohawk.
The Plunge!
My ladybugs :)

All photo credits go to the brilliant team at Everitt

It was a fabulous week. It was my 9th year to do this camp, always with 5th grade girls. I accepted Christ there when I was a 5th grader. I started dating my fellow 5th grade counselor named Ben when I was a senior in high school there. It's deep in my heart.

Ben and I got home at noon on Saturday. Ben left again at 2:30 for Youth Camp, which begins today. He is going to be a family group leader (with our friend Phil- the one with the beard in the pic of the male counselors and boys in zipline harnesses), in charge of Bible study, recreation spirit, and love for about 12 kids in 7-12th grade. His team name is Cinnamon! Pray for him this week and for salvation and life change for the teenagers he's with.


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