Monday, June 20, 2011

Just the High Points

I have one talent that I am really proud of. I probably have two or three talents total, but I am really only proud of one of them. I am really self-aware.

In an extreme form, this means that I am really self-conscious. If I wasn't self-aware enough to know that I will never look good, I would constantly be worried about how I look. Most of the time it means that I just know who I am... good and bad. I know that I am a loyal friend, I know that I am not athletic. I know that I am funny, I also know that I take jokes too far. I know that I work well under pressure, which is good because I know I procrastinate. One of the things that I am most self-aware of is that I have next to no self-discipline. Paul's statement in Romans 7:14 should be my life verse. I say this not to bemoan my lack of self-control when it comes to eating or working out, but to self-flagellate my lack of writing.

I would like to hire a personal assistant, someone very large and intimidating, to force me to sit down in front of a computer and type. To blog. To actually write down all of the things I think are clever observations. And if while they were at it they could keep me away from double cheeseburgers and Irish Cream-filled cupcakes that would be great too.

You see, I had every intention of writing regularly when I landed back in Dallas. I thought that my free time would allow me to sit at a table with pot after pot of tea and write. Thus far? Utter failure.

However, Katie has already shared the two biggest highlights of our summer thus far. Having Miquette here was great. Often people talk about Katie and I like we are something special, which we are not. But MQ, as I (and only I) like to call her; she is a bona-fide hero.

She made the most out of her educational opportunities in Haiti. Tackled the daunting and scary task of moving to the USA to finish high school. Earned a nursing degree, then went back to Haiti (when she could have stayed in the USA and been on easy street) and started a non-profit that now has 200 kids in school. In the middle of that, which frankly would have been enough, she responded with ice-cold focus during the earthquake and literally saved lives with her medical knowledge. What did you do before you turned 30?

It was great to introduce Miquette to so many of my Dallas friends, people who I hope become passionate about TeacHaiti like I am.

The second highlight of the summer has been working with our good friend Ivy, at FBC Richardson's Vacation Bible School. The total amount is not quite in yet, but this church (mainly the children's ministry) raised some serious cash for TeacHaiti. It should easily blow away what they did last year. True story: Ivy, Katie and I went to a bank to count all of the change the kids had brought and it was so much the machine broke down. It got tired of counting. It was unreal. The fact that we even had that much money if the first place is a testament to how faithful God is.

VBS was five days long; just one week to hopefully raise enough to sponsor over 20 children this coming year. On Tuesday, we had only two hundred dollars raised. Not even enough for one scholarship. K and I were talking about how we could make changes in our budget to divert money so we could make sure that there was not a lapse in scholarships. We prayed hard that night and I know Ivy was praying, too.

Over the next day 3 days the money came pouring in, over four thousand dollars! To make up so much in such a short amount of time reminds me that I need to have a greater trust in God to provide and not to be anxious. He's got this.



  1. Thanks for sharing about MQ, inspiring. $'s in God's economy. He is never late but He is seldom early. Funny how we start making our plans and then He comes along and makes us look like amateurs.

  2. Yay! So pleased to read that you guys raised all those $'s for TeacHaiti!! God is good.

    Ben, I think you underestimate your talents... you are definitely a gifted writer! You're great at articulating your experiences. I'm always held captive by your blogs (and Katie's). You may not write frequently, but you always write "quality"!

  3. Ben, you are great. Holy smokes... the change collected was AMAZING. God is good. I'll admit I was stressing on day 2 as well. Why do I do that? Because as soon as I gave up the stress (night of day 2) God started bringing it!



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