Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We got home last night for our summer break. Easiest travel day we've ever had. Thank you, Lord.

I am loving:
- my engagement ring, the most beautiful thing I have ever owned
- sleeping in what feels like the quietest, darkest, comfiest bedroom ever to exist
- produce: broccoli, baby carrots, organic spinach, strawberries, blueberries
- Mexican food
- easy everything: easy power, easy water, easy debit card, easy Target
- customer service
- independence: I can drive here, I can speak to anyone in a language I know
- my mother's backyard
- Sam and Libby, my two small furry best pals
- clean: I would eat off the floors in this house, and probably they are cleaner than my countertops in Haiti

You rock, home.


  1. yay welcome home!! can't wait to see you!

  2. Welcome Home Y'all! We might've never met, we might live clear across the state from one another - yet - we are Texans. Yeehaw! :-))

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. Ooooo I know these feelings! Love it! Never stop appreciating the small stuff!

  4. As a followup to Anne, we don't appreciate what we have until it is taken away for awhile.

  5. so glad you are back in texas. can't wait to see you!! soon i hope.



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