Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Fine Day

What a wonderful day:

Brittany's baby boy was born just after midnight. A healthy baby and a short delivery. The first white woman to deliver at Heartline! Praise God.

Slept until I woke up naturally. I am convinced- this is the true definition of luxury.

The last day of school yesterday. All my finals are marked, grades posted to our online system. A behavior grade and a 144-character comment written for each student. All is decided and completed.

This morning I worked in my classroom. Two high school girls came and volunteered for service hours, which meant they got the job of picking blue poster putty off the walls and hauling textbooks downstairs to the book room. All books are returned, stacked neatly. I finished taking down my classroom completely. All walls are bare, all bookshelves are covered in plastic. Turned the key for the last time this year.

Before lunch I worked in the office with Kristina and Ben. We helped organize and check files of students seeking admission. Just a handful of spots, and a giant stack of applicants. This bodes well for next year.

For lunch I had white rice, sos pwa, and pikliz with John Ackerman, Art, Miquette, Ben, Kristina, and other assorted favorite people from the school snack shop. As if the day couldn't get better, Jodie made us a loaf of banana bread. I mean, seriously.

This afternoon I played on Jet Punk quizzes for a straight hour and a half. Re-took the Africa map quiz until I could label all 50+ countries perfectly. Felt very satisfied with myself, justified this use of time by declaring, "well, I do teach World Cultures...."

I spent the entire evening with Ben. I wore his Texas Tech tshirt, Nike running shorts, and no makeup, which makes me feel free, pretty, and just like college again. He asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I said popcorn, so he made that for me, on the stove, with real butter and Tony's spicy salt. I read an entire book- Anne Lamott's Grace (Eventually).

I feel so relaxed, for once. Finished. The work done. School year complete. Nothing nipping at my heels.

Thank you for this day.


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  1. You finished well, God decided you needed a reward.



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