Sunday, May 22, 2011

La Gonave 2

Recap: As the senior class sponsor, I went with Ben and the 12th graders on a service overnight to La Gonave, a tiny island off the coast of Haiti. Read part one here.
 Another mission team visiting the Wesleyan compound has brought books, so one of the stations for our play day with the orphanage kids was a reading station.
 My favorite book: Whose Tail is This?
 Ben likes a little baby-holding duty from time to time.
 This is so "kids". I'm sure there was a lizard or frog or something in there.
 Ben snuggles a teeny one
 Another visitor to the Wesleyans had brought equiptment for a slacklining station. We had our students be "helpers" with the little kids.
 After play time, we got the kids sitting down and passed around the juice. A great benefit to this day is that our students can speak to these children in their heart language, Kreyol. The Wesleyans have many mission teams coming in, but they are blans. How wonderful to give these children a day of love and affection with playmates who can tease and explain and smother you will affection in your language.
Everybody loves juice.
The babies were taken care of by older kids. The older caretakers were, in my observation, nothing but sweet, but still- they were eleven or so.
Senior guys acting out the story of David and Goliath
In Port-au-Prince, the tall security walls are topped with either razor wire (also known as "democracy wire" around here) or its cheaper alternative: broken bottles stuck sharps-up into wet cement. On La Gonave, they use beautiful white conch shells! What a lovely alterna-security. To think that there are enough of these shells to mount every wall on the island...
 The Wesleyan guest house gives its maid and cook Saturday night and Sunday off, which is exactly when we were visiting, so our kids jumped in to help with dishes. I was very proud of their humility and hard work. The attitudes were great- very chill, no complaining. Great weekend.


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