Friday, May 20, 2011

La Gonave 1

At the end of April I planned a service trip to La Gonave with the seniors. La Gonave is an island off the coast of Haiti. The Wesleyan mission is active there, and one of our seniors' parents live there.
My principal and friend Rod came along with his son Asher. In the background is the boat we took across the canal to La Gonave.
Tiny hand-made canoes bobbed in the water.
I thought this was hysterical: teenagers, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, all on cell phones.
Fisherman off the coast of La Gonave
Beautiful boats in the mangrove swamp on the coast of La Gonave. This says Christ Only Hope.
Silly senior boys playing on a tire swing outside our guest hope on the Wesleyan compound.
Our main service activity was planning a day of games and playing for the 65 children who live in the Wesleyan orphanage. This senior was so tender with the little ones. Afterwards we all had to smell the wet spot on his shirt- is this baby pee, or sweat?
Rod helped the kids from the orphanage make a big circle at the start of the play day.
Such a teeny one. Now, look closely. Can you guess which kid in the circle is not part of the orphanage? Hint: the platinum blond one.
I held this sweet baby girl for most of the day. That's my favorite thing to do at children's homes: find me a baby and a chair, and I'm set for the afternoon. She was brand new to the orphanage. Nobody- not the older kids who carried her around, not the many nannies- knew her name. I asked about five kids her name, and got five different answers.
 This little one got very sleepy, but nobody had a crib.
 Soccer and jump rope!
 There was one toy- an 80s telephone on a strong. It rolled on the ground when you dragged it behind you. I swear I had this exact toy in the late 80s, and I swear I saw this toy in every church nursery in the world in the late 90s. I guess Haitian orphanages are the third stop.
 These three wanted their picture taken with the baby doll.
 The little baby's toy was dirty, sharp, and the end had very obviously been chewed off. Our group had brought jump ropes and soccer balls, but what for her?

Second part coming soon.



  1. beautiful. God esp. cares for the children, the orphans...

  2. I'm loving the photos! Thanks for sharing... Can't wait to join you in PAP!

  3. If that was a dial phone, hate to say it, but my baby sister had one in the early 60's. No matter where you go in the world, little kids just want to be held and loved on. So glad you and the teens were able to do this.



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