Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ack Attack

If you were a regular viewer of the greatest show of the 90's, obviously Saved by the Bell, then you may understand the allusion in this blog title. Late in the show's life, main character Zack forms a band titled "Zack Attack". Because he is big tyme and a rock star, he also purchases the hottest new invention around: a mailbox-sized device known as a cell phone. But I digress. This post is not about Zack, or even Zack Attack, it is about.....

The Ackermans! Jodie and John Ackerman, to be exact, and the amazing people that they are. So amazing that they deserved their own day of appreciation, which we celebrated a week or so ago. Happy Ackerman Appreciation Day!
John and Jodie are like Haiti-parents to Ben and I, as well as our dear friends and next door neighbors Jaime and Katie. From the beginning of our time here, they have blessed us in so many ways. They invite us up to their house, which is higher up the mountain and therefore much cooler. Spending the night at the Ackermans' involves several things we don't get at our apartment, including 1) constant hot water, 2) television, and 3) nights without mosquito nets, and 4) casseroles and/or Mexican food. You know how I feel about casseroles.

After the earthquake John took Ben on many Bauer-esque missions through Port-au-Prince as they attempted to deliver meds, change money, and other adventures. In our first year and a half teaching here, Jodie has been an invaluable resource in how to deal with kids, parent conferences, and and living in Haiti. It was John who took us downtown the first time, near the National Palace and National Cathedral (both still in crumbles), and he let me sit in on his checkups with the pregnant mamas at Heartline. When we got robbed, they gave us their recently-moved-to-college daughter's iPod to replace the taken one. Too generous.

They pay for way too many meals, drive us way too many places, and just basically spoil us all rotten. Jaime, Katie, Ben and I all feel way indebted, and overwhelmingly grateful. So we decided to throw a little bash and make some posters (what elementary-teacher-planned fete can go on without an ACROSTIC?!). It was nothing, but at least we could say how we felt.

We love you two!



  1. Yay for the Ackermans!!! Glad you have Haiti parents, they don't replace but they sure do help make life better.

  2. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

    (that describes all six of you!)

  3. Hey I met John when I was there 2 weeks ago!! He is friends with Karen Tate, another member of our April-May Haiti team. We share the nursing profession as a common bond. Looks like a fun dinner date! :)




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