Monday, April 11, 2011

Thorns and Roses

I read that the Obamas do "thorns and roses" at the dinner table each night, sharing the highs and lows of their days. If I were an Obama tonight, I'd say:

High: An email from an 11th grade girl. "Dear Mrs. K, my family is going to buy a computer. Remember that day in World Cultures when you told us about conflict minerals and which companies got green, yellow, and red ratings? Can you send me those ratings, because we want to buy a conflict-free computer. Trying to make a difference :)"

Hello win column! Understanding, retention, application. Pure joy. Teacher bliss.

(Kind of funny) Low: Well this actually happened Friday, but I'm still wallowing in considerable secret shame.  Friday afternoon I was working on a list of Spanish phrases for some students who will be visiting the DR soon. Easy things- Senor, puedo tengo agua por favor, etc. Friday night, I went to cheer on my high school boys in the local Haitian high school bball league. I start smelling popcorn. The snack stand is selling two cups of popcorn for 25 Gourdes (50 cents). Score. I smile at the nice man who hands me popcorn. Juggling the cups, I absent-mindedly call out (loudly), "Mesi, senor!". Let me explain. I meant, "thank you, sir", but what I said in half-Kreyol, half-Spanish sounds identical to all the Kreyol speakers around like "mesi, Seigneur."

Which means "thank you, Lord". So I said, "thank you, Lord" to the popcorn salesman. In front of a lot of people. Awesome.

Kreyol new kid!



  1. Be thankful for all things. It costs more for popcorn here than it does to get into the event. I'd be really thankful for 50 cent popcorn.

  2. That's awesome, and hey, you really were thanking the Lord for the popcorn. And I didn't comment below, but your boob conversation is hilarious, oh so glad we're not 14 anymore! :)



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