Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teacher Win/Fail, and Celebrities at Our School

Teacher Win of the Week:
9th grade girl writes her essay on Great Expectations, nails it completely, then at the end writes "I love you, Miss K".

Teacher Fail of the Week:
10th grade girl says she has to go to the nurse due to period-related needs. I hastily write "This student needs a pad" on a pass and quickly start class. She comes back a few minutes later looking totally dejected. I say, "what's wrong, was Miss Denie not there?" She replies, "no, but Mr. Hersey (our director) was in the hall, and he asked to see my pass."
Oh, Lord.... next time I'll just write "needs to see nurse".

Quisqueya Win of the Week:
Second grade boy asked Jesus into his heart today.

Second Most Exciting Celebrity Sighting of the Week:
Mikael, one of the biggest rappers in Haiti, was on campus last Sunday. Quisqueya hosted an Easter egg hunt and big party for kids from seven orphanages that was organized by Sow a Seed, and he was the entertainer. The children from the orphanages were freaking out, and even Miquette was a little starstruck. People from the neighborhood were in the trees, looking over the wall to see him perform.

First Most Excited Celebrity Sighting of the Week:
Tomorrow, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is performing at our Quisqueya chapel service. Not joking. I have no idea why they are in Haiti, no idea why they are performing at our humble little chapel service... I just know it is a really big deal, and I am so excited.



  1. Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I love your blog. :) Praying for your last weeks of the school year. They are always the hardest for me. Love and hugs to you both. See you soon!!

  2. The choir heard that you and Ben were there.

  3. Savor the wins! Can't wait to hear an update on the BTC. Dad and I thought they were breaktaking. I bought a great CD you can enjoy in 40 DAYS WHEN YOU'RE IN TEXAS!! :) Mom

  4. BTC did not show up. But 4 members from the church did. They lead chapel. I would of rather had more of Mikael.

  5. Ha. Have to laugh about the "pad pass". Keep up the awesome work with the kids!



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