Friday, April 29, 2011


If this semester started out slowly with events, then it is ending at warp speed. We already blogged about the orphanage Easter party with Sow-a-Seed, and then a week ago there was a Student vs. Staff Flag Football game to raise money for charity. The pictures are coming soon.

Today some of our students sponsored a field day for TeacHaiti, epic pictures, hope to get those up by Sunday. The kids then stayed for the basketball game and cheered on QCS. It was so sweet to hear them chant in English. QCS you are the best! They must be our good luck charm, because we won our first game in months.

However all of that blogging has to wait because tomorrow we sail to Isla Gonave with 15 students from the senior class to work with the Wesleyan mission there.

That island is very different from the rest of Haiti, very rural and conservative. Like I blogged before, I love doing service with my students and I hope this trip is no different. The travel will be brutal: a two hour car ride to a smaller town, then a fishing trawler that will ferry us to the island- another two hours. Fishing trawler... sweet. I wonder how many of our students do not know how to swim.

Full disclosure... I am neurotic about disasters and in my bag I have packed a med kit with a flashlight, matches and two redi-light glow sticks. I have two med kits. One of these and a trusty pocket knife are almost always with me wherever I go in Haiti. Totally unnecessary most of the time, but after le quake I feel like I have to have something nearby just in case.

For those who think our life in Haiti is Indiana Jones or Jack Bauer-esque, know there are days like last week where our water runs out and we go days without the ability to wash dishes, wash ourselves, or flush. I took the coldest shower of my life on Monday in the boys' locker room. It is not all glamorous.

Even with those challenges Haiti is still a remarkable country of contrasts. I have said it many times but the contrasts in this country are almost laughable. I did not have water for a few days, but today I ordered a large Domino''s pizza and it was here in 25 minutes. Very prompt. And for only 25 USD. TIH



  1. Have a safe cruise to the island. Only on the other side of Heaven will you see what your good works through the Lord have morphed into.

  2. I am cracking up at your comment about wondering how many of the students know how to swim!! I have already thought about bringing kickboards and holding swimming lessons next time I'm down! Or at least bringing some life vests!!



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