Saturday, March 12, 2011

Katie = Wonderwoman of blogging?

Allow me declare that my wife is blog-superhuman. While we were in DC, after a full day of herding teenagers on and off of Metro trains, guiding them into great halls of knowledge, making sure no one was lost, she found time to blog. I found time to sleep.
When we would arrive back in our hotels after a long day of walking and herding-often times in the rain- I would collapse on the bed, feet dangling off the mattress, fleece sometimes smelling like a wet dog. I would moan about how my feet or my shins hurt, I would express my disbelief at such-and-such-a-student's inability to stay with the group, arrive on time or some other typical teenage act that I, for the moment, found such a deep character flaw I considered urging our director to remove them from school. I would then fall asleep.

Katie would nod and "mmmuuuhhhmmm" in agreement with me as she powered up out lap-top. Then once I was asleep she would up-load pictures, email parents and blog. All the while I was fast and hard asleep.

I would wake up, splash water on my face and then lead the students out to dinner.

This is probably a grossly uneven distribution of labor, but Katie never complained.

I will have my thoughts about the DC trip later, but this is a shout out to someone who does wonderful work!

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  1. Several things: she's not carrying around as much weight as her roommate, and doesn't require the beauty sleep of that unnamed person. We men think deep thoughts and have deep dreams. Don't beat yourself up, you married a saint.



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