Sunday, March 20, 2011

Final Election

Today is the runoff election for Haiti's president. The final two contestants are Mirlande Manigat, a law professor and former first lady, against Michel Martelly, a former Haitian rapper.

This has been a long process. The first round of voting happened around Thanksgiving. There was an announcement of the top two, a recount, a report by the Organization of American States disputing the ranking of the top 3 candidates, then a switch between #2 and #3. Now, we'll see the final results.

We've been receiving lots of robocalls from Martelly. His pink signs are ubiquitous. We have straight-up begged our students for campaign swag (possibly also employing our power to award extra credit points) and have thereby acquired tshirts celebrating Martelly- of course, in bright "Tet Kale" pink.

We woke up this morning to the sounds of helicopters- media? UN? We're watching Twitter for updates other places in the city. Early this morning we read that Wyclef Jean, who held a "concert for change" in support of Martelly earlier this week, was shot in the hand around 11 pm last night. I'd really love to know more details on that. We've read there is very low voter turnout. As far as our street is concerned, things are very quiet and very still. Not much traffic on the road as we went to church, and all the marchan street sellers are gone for the day already.

We can't figure out exactly when the results will be announced- we've heard March 31 and I read April 16.

Stay posted.



  1. Why do you think voter turn-out is low?

  2. Whatever happens, let's pray that God will grant the new leader wisdom on how to bring Haiti into the 21st century. Perhaps someone with no real experience is just what they need? Our church's Haitian team just returned from a two week trip there, and the stories they relayed were heartbreaking. Its sad that an island shared by two countries can have such disparity.



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