Saturday, March 12, 2011

DC Last Day

Because I am certifiable insane and possibly possessed of a Napoleonic overconfidence, I decided to do three Smithsonian museums in the last day of our trip.

I'll let the images do the talking on this one.
Smithsonian Museum of American History
Very fitting that we ran into the "Hendrick Hudson" boat just as we were all in prayer for our tiniest Hendrick friend who was very, very sick with a high fever on this day. Thank God he is better.
First Lady exhibit rocked
Nancy Reagan = hot
Michelle Obama's inaugural gown. What a class act.
United States at war exhibit
The first telegraph sent about Pearl Harbor.
Julia Child's kitchen
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Below, the Hall of Mammals- my favorite.
Geology exhibit
Now moving to the Smithsonian Gallery of American Art, which is the same building as the National Portrait Gallery... and once again, some pretty sweet CHAPERONE BADGES
I thought this was a fascinating painting... I'm not sure what the message is.
This portrait of George Washington Carver is so tender.
This is the fine art version of the ubiquitous Obama campaign poster. In this version, the entire collage is made up of newspaper clippings relating to civil rights.
Ben and I are floating through the museum, in rapturous awe at the majesty of historical portraiture, geeking out to the max, and then we walk into the atrium and find.... our students asleep.

And now we're home. 17 Haitian teenagers, delivered home to expectant mommies and daddies.

Laundry, planning, unpacking, cleaning. Must write test on Russia and Africa, must read 10 chapters of Great Expectations. (Chose instead to post photos!)

I am very proud of this trip, which we entirely conceived, planned, and executed all on our own. More than our ability to fling teenagers onto the Metro or throw them through Smithsonians, however, I am proud of the way B and I worked together. We co-managed. We co-parented.We can do projects! We can even maybe perhaps (whisper) parent one day! It felt good.



  1. Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with the readers of your blog. :)

  2. You don't get to wear the same sweet identifying badges as a parent, though... :^)



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