Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Come Teach at Quisqueya!

Dear Haiti-loving blog community,

We need your help! People always ask what they can do to help the youth of Haiti we work with, and here is a ripe ol' offer. We need to find quite a few excellent teachers to join us on the staff of Quisqueya. Did I mention we have signed on for next year? Come teach with us!

Quisqueya is currently seeking:
Middle School Bible Teacher
Middle School Math Teacher
Middle School Science Teacher
Middle School Social Studies Teacher
High School Bible Teacher
High School Math Teacher
High School Science Teacher
All school Art Teacher
All School Music Teacher
Computer Teacher

I know, it's quite a list. We really need your help to spread the word.

Some basics:

Many (but not all) teachers live on campus, especially ones who are new to Haiti. We LOVE living on campus. We love our friends here, the dinners, the worship, the pickup basketball games, the movie nights...

Teachers are paid a monthly stipend. Most single teachers at Quisqueya live on their stipend without additional fundraising. Ben and I fundraise, mostly through Paypal, but the stipend is more than half our budget.

I feel safe living here. I avoid shows of wealth, stay in the safer areas, and don't do much at night.

On the weekends many people go to the beach, watch movies together, have friends over for dinner, or occasionally go out to eat (my favorites are the Thai or Chinese places). There is a nice hotel nearby that you can buy a day pass to their pool, and chill with the ever-changing cadre of French photographers and CNN journalists stalking Aristide, Duvalier, or whatever formerly exiled dictator is currently holding court.

It's important to realize that teaching at Quisqueya is a full-time job. You are able to visit orphanages or feeding programs, but teachers here should make the students their primary ministry. Between volunteering for extracurriculars, teaching classes, discipleship groups, and grading/planning, you'll be fully occupied if you give it your best.

And here's the best part: You can impact the future of Haiti. There are basically only two English-speaking options. All of our kids go to college. Many of our students' families own businesses, run vital missionary programs, or are well-connected leaders of Haiti. Many missionary kids go on to be missionaries themselves-  like our director and his wife- so it is exciting to think that we are training many who will go on to serve in all corners of the world. In a country where 1% of the people own 50% of the wealth, many of the elite families' kids are in my classroom. Their future is the future of Haiti. You and I will never be president of Haiti- but one of Quisqueya's students may be. They are learning to love God, love their fellow Haitians, and conduct their lives with integrity and compassion. One day they will run the government, the media, the hospitals, the missions, the grocery stores, the orphanages. Our former Bible teacher Mr. Day, who grew up in Haiti as a missionary kid and then was a favorite teacher at Quisqueya, told us that the wealthy are the most unreached people in Haiti. Well, here are their children, their heirs.

Please, pass the word. If you are interested, visit Quisqueya's website, download an application, and email it to bkilpatrick@quisqueya.org.


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