Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sarah Sighting!

Many of you blogfriends may know of our sweet little Sarah (if not, she has an entire label in the righthand column, so feel free to read all the Sarahcentric posts).

Sarah is the daughter of one of Quisqueya's former staff members, and she lived on campus last year following the earthquake with dozens of other Haitian QCS staffers and their families who lost homes. We played with Sarah for hours on end last spring, and fell in love. Sarah was involved with TeacHaiti (amazing ministry offering educational sponsorships, run by the amazing Miquette), so we asked to become her sponsor. We spoke no Kreyol, and she spoke no English, but there are really a lot of nonverbal games you can play with a 3-year-old!

All last summer we talked about Sarah. When we were planning to help lead the missions project and fundraiser at the Vacation Bible School in the church we grew up in, we wanted to help the 1-6th graders understand a tangible portrait of an actual child we love who has suffered from the earthquake. Sarah, of course. Those Texas children were so moved, they brought enough spare change during VBS to provide sponsorships for 22 more kids.

We were excited to see her again this fall. Sarah's family left campus, and her mom no longer works here, so we have not seen her for many months.

Last week I'm in my classroom teaching 9th grade boys, last period, and Ben knocks on the door. What in the world? And he was holding the hand of a very small child in a yellow shirt.....

Ben said he had been walking to the office, by the school gate, when he saw Sarah and her mom chatting with the gate guards. She broke out in a smile and ran to him. She remembered! She was really shy in my classroom. Walking into an unfamiliar building and a room full of teenage boys will do that.

We even got to give her the clothes my parents bought for her and Woogina (their sponsor child) last summer in person. Little pink flip flops and Old Navy tshirts.
God, please bless that little girl. The kids said they had seen her mom working at a local business, so I'm very glad to here there's a job in the family. I don't know what her house looks like now. I don't know what her daily life is like now- she's too little to go to the TeacHaiti School yet. But I really, really, bigtime love that kid.


PS Want to sponsor another "Sarah" through TeacHaiti? $350 a year buys tuition, uniforms, books, shots, hot lunch daily, and more.

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