Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Week to DC!

On Friday, Ben and I are leaving for our long-dreamed-of trip to Washington, DC. And we're taking these 17 hooligans with us!

We are so excited.

In exactly one week from this minute, I will be in the White House, taking a tour.

(Unless, of course, the government shuts down. Come on Boehner, make it happen.)

All the kids are wishing for snow! Current forecast for Friday: high of 48 F. Brrr!

Will you pray for us?

Biggest fears: government shutdown cancels 75% of our itinerary, closely followed by customs/visa/passport issues.

Biggest dreams: Inspiration, spiritual transformation, bonding, sparks ignited in souls and minds, healing, and discovery.



  1. This has to be quite an adminstrative task pulling a trip like this together. Hopefully the "chaos" of our government won't upset your students. Only halfway kidding here. Prayers for a safe and educational journey.

  2. March is kind of late for snow in DC, but you'd be almost guaranteed some this year if you came to Michigan!

  3. CHERRY BLOSSUMS!!! They are better than snow! You may be timing it perfectly! Be safe and have fun!

  4. My prayers are with you guys for a fun-filled and safe trip!

    Also, I wanted your US readers to be aware of this:

    Tonight (Monday, Feb. 28) at 8c/9e on the Travel Channel, Haiti will be featured on "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations". He might be a bit rough for young kids to watch, so please use discretion.

    Anyone can check out the website for a few clips and slide shows from the Haiti episode:

    (To Ben & Katie: Be sure to watch the 3-minute clip, "Tony Feeds the Locals". I think you'll be able to relate in a way.)

  5. I am a huge fan of No Reservations and Anthony Bourdain. I have read two of his books and covet his Les Halles cookbook. When my friend at JP/HRO told me he was here I was so distraught. For get Miley Cyrus, that is who I would like to meet here!

  6. I would love to meet him too!

    Don't miss his blog entry regarding this episode either:



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