Monday, February 21, 2011

Liv Yo

Books, glorious books.

Last fall I asked some of my Dallas friends if they had any spare books to encourage, inspire, instruct, or engage high school kids in Haiti. My students are almost all English-as-a-Second-Language (or third, or fourth....). They can speak fluently, but in terms of vocabulary, many are behind the breadth and depth of an English-in-the-home kid in the States. On top of that, they're teenagers, and many don't have a huge passion for reading due to all the distractions around them. I want them reading amazing books.

So I asked a few friends. Well, I got dozens upon dozens of amazing books. I could only bring a tiny fraction to Haiti this time, though I plan to bring more each time I return.

The kids are eating them up. I am overflowing with joy to see Haitian teenagers walking around with Crazy Love, Blue Like Jazz, Screwtape Letters, Redeeming Love, Same Kind of Different as Me, and many other books that have rocked my world in the last few years. There are currently 5 kids in the waiting list for my 3 copies of Screwtape Letters, a book I've heard raved about as "about demons, funny, and most importantly, short". Oh well.

So all this to say, thank you. Thank you especially for the "boy books". Of course great literature and deep thoughts are suited for either gender, but I've been particularly searching for books that appeal to a 13-17 year-old of the Y chromosome variety. I have two sports biographies and one about a rock star, and they are in constant demand.

Thank you, friends :)


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  1. My 13yo just read the C. S. Lewis science fiction trilogy - but I don't know if that is appropriate for an EFL crowd... ["English as a Foreign Language" is the term used in our school district, to account for the fact that it might not merely be the second language!] or if it mainly appeals to boys who already like sci-fi and fantasy. (My 13yo is NOT into sports or celebrities.)

    If you can get Scott Westerfeld books from Mrs Hersey, he also likes those.



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