Sunday, January 9, 2011

Want to Serve Abroad?

Before I came to Haiti I worked at a large non-profit in Dallas called Buckner that serves vulnerable kids and families around the world, through programs like community transformation centers, foster care, and transitional living for teens aging out of orphanages. Buckner also has an adoption ministry and sends mission trips to many of the countries where they work.

One of my favorite Buckner opportunities is their international internships, now called Project Go.

You can serve for one month or a full summer in Russia, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Heck, come to the DR and you can hop the border and visit me! I think there also might be opportunities for semester-long serving as well.

Academic credits and scholarships may be available.

Get all the details at or check out this video:

Do it!


PS 1) We know of an organization here in Haiti accepting interns as well. Email me if you're interested in their contact info. 2) If you're interested in teaching at Quisqueya, my husband wants to talk to you! Email us (see right).

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  1. I still love reading your blog every day one year later! You guys are amazing. Just ran across this site that reminded me of you:



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