Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like

There is a great deal of truth and laughs awaiting you at stuffexpataidworkerslike.com.

Like our other favorites, stuffwhitepeoplelike and stuffchristianslike, stuff expat aid workers like makes fun of all the things we've seen here in Haiti, especially post-earthquake.

If I were to add to their list, I would include that expat aid workers like:

-magnetic signs for car door displaying your NGO logo
-checking out at the grocery store with only cigarettes, wine, and a snack food
-looking dirty
-scorn for short-term missionary teams (with their matching tshirts and bug bites)
-Toyoya Hilux trucks
-white Nissan Patrols
-jewelry made from paper beads
-vests (one extra point for each additional pocket)

You will notice their list of "field cred" diseases, and I am happy to report Ben and I can check off bedbugs, ringworm, and giardia. If only we'd get malaria or dengue, then we'd be so legit.....

 Oh, what interesting people this past year has brought into our life.


1 comment:

  1. Oh Katie - you do NOT want the dengue! Malaria is one thing (I had it twice when we lived in Haiti) but the dengue is miserable. Stay well!



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