Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Fast for Haiti

Next Wednesday will mark the first anniversary of the January 12th earthquake that changed everything in this country and the lives of so many.  Already newspapers and blogs are rolling out their one year retrospectives: very canned, though true, news pieces on how nothing has changed here. I do not think you will see any of that on this blog.
Such stories are for people for whom the earthquake is a news story and not real life.

My heart breaks for Haiti and the people here: my friends who lost their homes, my students who lost their parents. My soul aches for a country that, despite all the work and money put into, it is still dysfunctional.

This Wednesday, January 12th, Katie and I will not be recapping all of the struggles Haiti has. We will not be asking for donations. We are simply asking you to join us in fasting and prayer for the country of Haiti.

We are fasting to show our helplessness and ask for healing from emotional wounds from the earthquake, for resolution to the many problems obstructing rebuilding and for the grace to handle this difficult anniversary.

There is a biblical mandate for fasting, but our God is not someone who can be cajoled into doing as we please. John Piper wrote, “[Fasting] is not first offered to God that we might be paid back because of it. It is first given by God that we might benefit from it and that he might be glorified through it...[rather] God rewards fasting because fasting expresses the cry of the heart that nothing on the earth can satisfy our souls besides God." (A Hunger for God)

What Haiti needs is healing, and I know only God can bring that. We invite you to join us in this day of fasting and prayer.

We aren't pros at this, it is uncharted territory for us; Katie has never fasted and I haven't fasted since high school. It is unfamiliar act for most people. If you have never fasted or need to be refreshed with the healthiest steps to take I found this reading very helpful.

Thank you and may God bless you.


  1. I will be praying, fasting and getting vaccinations on the 12th. The vaccinations are for my short term mission trip to Haiti this summer. You, your work and the Haitian people are in my daily prayers. In Christ, A

  2. I have to do a modified fast due to health reasons but I am very thankful that I can do so on behalf of Haiti!

    Loving God, Loving Haiti!

    Kelly D <>< :)

  3. I'm in! New territory for me too! Will be lifting you and all of Haiti up...

    Missy D

  4. I will be fasting with you on Wednesday.


    Let's be desperate for God!!

  6. @ Anonymous, thanks for the link. I have not heard that sermon. I have been reading Foster's Celebration of Discipline and it's comments on Fasting. Devastatingly poignant.

    @everyone else, Thank you for committing to this with us!



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