Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving at the TeacHaiti School

There is nowhere else in the world I'd rather be on Thanksgiving morning than at the TeacHaiti School of Hope. For the first time, I got to be there during a school day, since Haitian schools don't take off for American Thanksgiving.  I had already rejoiced over the progress of the building- including these wonderful chalkboards, lime green walls, and posters- but now that fantastic building was full of kids! You can see the third grade class above.
 I love their posters.
 We visited each classroom for just a minute, and then recess. The teachers in the blue played with us and all the kids. Here, they were lining up to take a picture.

Some are shy, some jump all over you, but all like to have their picture taken.
Queency! Can you believe it? This is the little boy we met on the night of the earthquake- eyes bleeding, open head wound, broken femur(s). We watched him, wrapped in Barney sheets on a picnic table, moaning in his sleep. We estimated his age at 3. Each morning, I would check to see if he was alive. Four days later he still had not had his femur set, but had received antibiotics shots and was alert enough to draw in a coloring book. Five days after the quake, he finally got treatment at Espoir and was put in a portable traction system, back on our picnic tables. It was discovered that BOTH his legs had been broken. By February 10 he was out of full-time traction and wearing a hard cast, eyes still black almost one month later. On March 10 we spotted him, hard cast off, limp-running around the playground. By the end of March he was well enough to fight another little boy for a Hot Wheels (remember our Epic Toy Distribution Fail?), so I think that indicates a near-full recovery.

Today? He's in 1st grade at the TeacHaiti School. And he's sponsored by FBC Richardson's Children's Ministry, all because of their change drive at Vacation Bible School last summer. What a full circle moment for me.
Their little hands
And the day was made complete by spending a little time with Woogina! She is my parents' sponsored child, and is a lovely and elegant little 3rd grade girl. I almost didn't recognize her with her new haircut, but it was a joy to watch her play, learn in class, and eat a big lunch.
Speaking of lunch, those pictures coming tomorrow!


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