Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving at TeacHaiti School - Lunch and Vitamins

After showing you time playing with kids and seeing their classrooms, I particularly want to show you the big, hot lunch.
Standing in a line to receive hand sanitizer before lunch may be unexceptional in your life, but think of what it means for a child in a nation where over 90,000 people have been diagnosed with cholera.
Miquette watching the first graders get settled in for lunch.
That is a big, heaping plate for so little a guy! This day's lunch was rice, beans, a chicken leg, beet salad (the pink item) and juice.
Do you see what I see? Not just the little girl and her lunch, but I spy two little familiar shapes on the table next to her.
Flintstones vitamins! My mom's friends and church buddies collected tons of children's vitamins before her visit in September. Well, here they are. We'll be collecting more.
Little Woogina is so lovely. She even prays gracefully :)
Rowdy little ones post-lunch, attempting focus on a math lesson.
Each kid you have seen is eating and learning because of a sponsor. For $350 a year, you can add one more kid. In fact, Miquette told me recently that she saves a few spots and doesn't fill them until this time of year, because she knows if your kid is not in school by December, it's clear that you truly cannot afford any means of getting them there.

Because of some generous donations, she's even able to serve breakfast now, which is beyond what the sponsorships were originally budgeted to provide. For $.75 a kid can eat a hearty breakfast. Those of you who feel like your limited ability to give is somehow embarrassing, think of that- $.75!

What a perfect Thanksgiving.


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