Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Hum

Things I'm thinking about today:

1) When will our cistern run out? We've been rationing water pretty heavily all week.

2) Everything smells. The water at the bottom of the cistern is muck- the debris of leaves, dead insects, and whatever else falls in the concrete cube where our (nonpotable, obviously) water collects. Therefore, the bathroom and kitchen smell, as do the towels.

3) There is a 2 feet by 1 foot hole high in our bedroom wall. An air conditioner used to go there, but some men took it for "cleaning" last Monday and it has not returned. Mosquitoes dance in and out at will.

4) The streets are covered in a black slick. It's the soot from burning tires, made wet by a drizzling rain, then stomped and smeared everywhere by everyone.

5) We hear Eagle grocery store may be open today. Epidor bakery opened up again last night, and we were so happy to get off the compound and walk up there. It's like a puzzle- which grocery stores are open, where are the longest lines, how long will they stay open, who still has bottled water for sale.... I have never in my life speculated on when a grocery store would be open- there are ten 24-hour stores within short distance of me, always, in the States.

6) I am worn down by what my friend Ruth calls "the constant diet of adrenaline". I just want to give my finals, grade my finals, and go home. I am really afraid of speculation that this is a "refueling lull" and that Martelly's people will re-take the streets on Monday because he doesn't want to be in the recount, he wants to win outright.



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