Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Demonstrations on Delmas

Today on the street along our school:
 UN armed personnel carriers showed up a few hours ago.
On the bottom right you can see a makeshift roadblock made from chunks of concrete and cinderblocks. Yet another reason to clear the earthquake rubble still piled on the sidewalks. Some are carrying sticks, most have some mark of their favorite candidate, Michel Martelly, and his bright pink posters.
This is a giant Martelly poster. As we all learned last night from the electoral council announcement, former first lady Manigat and the current president's choice Celestin have been put forward to a January runoff, but Martelly was announced to have been in 3rd place (by a measly few thousand votes), so he is out. Clearly, a few people are not happy about that.
Face mask made from a Martelly poster
Some of the demonstrators make me nervous, while others just make me laugh. Notice this "camera crew" above, with a camera made of a Pringles can. They were walking around "interviewing" the crowd.
Uh oh.... we've all watched enough CNN to know what's coming next when the tires roll by.

The protesters beefed up their roadblock by lighting tires on fire. An ambulance (from Spain?!) rolled up, and they scrambled to figure out a way to move the burning materials to let the ambulance pass.
Big fire.
The big crowd gets stopped by its own roadblock. Can't march over the fire.
A man wielding a giant Super Soaker water gun directing a car full of journalists.

We'll keep you posted...


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  1. A life full of memories a heart full of sadness.



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