Saturday, November 20, 2010

Horcruxes, Me, and Discipleship Group

I've got Harry Potter on the brain. Yes, HP7 comes out this week, and I'm truly asking the Lord to remove bitterness from my heart that I cannot see it for another month until I'm home for Christmas (no movie theater here). But that's not the main reason.

Like Lord Voldemort, my heart has been split in 7 pieces. I know, it's really unfortunate.

Why is my heart split 7 ways? Not Horcruxes, but...
High schoolers.

This is my discipleship group. We meet every Friday morning for almost an hour. It's the best hour of the week.

Bianca, Aisha, Deborah, Krystelle, Axel, Virg-loty, Valerie. They have a dozen different stories, a dozen different needs. They are in different grades, come from different kinds of families, are at different places in their spiritual journeys. I am just crazy about them. Like every group of teenage girls, there are deep wounds and serious questions, in addition to the everyday stresses of managing extracurriculars, boys, 8 classes at a time, family, complex friendship issues, bodies, etc.

Each week we begin with two worship songs, lights off, just time to be quiet with God. Partially this is because in addition to teaching and fellowship, every one of our hearts just needs time of refreshing and God's presence. Secondly, I realize that my entire adolescent journey with God was soaked in worship music that I found engaging and helpful in expressing myself to the Lord. They don't have an iTunes full of songs like that. I hope to burn them all worship CD's over Christmas.

Next we tackle a "tough question" that they've chosen every week. Of course, the first one was sex :) Haha. Next up is salvation, then the Bible.

I can't express how much I care about them. I pray for them by name every single day. Is teaching always like this? I never expected to love my students so much.

Bianca, Axel, Valerie, Virg-loty, Krystelle, Deborah, Aisha. All day long, 7 names, over and over, lifting their brave and beautiful little hearts to God. My little flock of 7.

Will you help me shower these girls in prayer, too?


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  1. Those are the best kind of horcruxes. Their names have been added to the prayer list.

    And I won't tell you how good HP7 was. But I did see the midnight show. And your mom will tell you that I don't EVER do midnight anything unless there is a good and valid reason for it.



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