Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baylor Homecoming

 Hurricane Tomas has passed, school has resumed, and things are back to "normal". We are racing toward Thanksgiving (is it possible it's only two weeks away?) and I'm remembering our fantastic, surreal 4 days home in Texas a few weeks ago. To recap, my beloved alma mater Baylor flew Ben and I in for Homecoming weekend to receive an alumni award... sheepish, strange, amazing, blessing.

Let's please reflect for a moment how strange it was to be in Haiti, and then 24 hours later to be attending this banquet, which might have been nicer than a wedding:
 There were medals involved, and a video montage, and a swanky printed program, of which my proud Papa Bear promptly gathered up about 72. See that grin and the stack under his arm? He's not even apologetic :)
I was delighted to get to spend the dinner with some amazing friends and true Baylor Bears, Mark and Steph.
I also got to spend time with great buddies Suzanne and Amanda. Though I may groan about my lack of salsa in this county, there's nothing I covet more while in Texas than time with my nearests and dearests.
I got to stop by my favorite Waco Mexican joint, Ninfa's, and get some brief sweet time with other college best gals like Katie and Laura.
On Saturday morning there was a parade, and a carriage. Can we please laugh at how all the other honorees are very distinguished, mature, successful businesspeople, who have mostly donated buildings to Baylor? I felt like a kid at the grown-up table at Thanksgiving :) But it sure was fun to throw that candy.
 Ben and I were so happy to see our small group great friends, Peyton and Chrissy!
After the parade there was an alumni reception for Pi Phi. More great friends, more reunions, and copious usage of what Amanda and Laura call "the mouse voice". You know what I'm talking about- the vocal pitch adopted by young ladies who are reunited after an extended absence..... now get 150 or 200 of those conversations in one room.
We got to sit in the president's box at the game. Here's my mom's silly face regarding the amazing food and general swankness.
My father, blissing out. What a sweet, surreal, little weekend. We drove straight from the game to DFW airport.

And finally....
 That, my friends, is Wyclef Jean getting ready to board our flight from Miami to Port-au-Prince. We went up and introduced ourselves. Ben made small talk about Wyclef's school in Croix-des-Bouquets, and at one point asked if there would ever be a Fugees reunion. Wyclef's response? "Friend, you better pray on that."



  1. I love it! Congratulations, Katie!

  2. How incredible, Katie! Congratuations. Sic 'em Bears!!

  3. I knew God brought your blog my way for a reason. My son and his wife are Baylor grads and were there for homecoming. She was a tri delt and then to seminary southwestern in dallas. looks like u had a great visit. how is the cholera outbreak in PAP going?

  4. Lynn,

    It is getting worse. Nearly 100o have died and it is starting to effect Port-au-Prince. This is not something that is going away anytime soon.

    Thank you so much for reading!

  5. No one expects the Young Alum honoree to have donated (money for) buildings yet! (But they're probably secretly hoping it will inspire you to do so in the future. Right, on a missionary/teacher salary. :^)

    Congratulations again - everyone needs a touch of surreal in their life.



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