Saturday, October 9, 2010

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do

This past week was a time-honored high school tradition that I saw afresh with new eyes. As a student, it was the most fun week of the year. Now I understand why this week sparks fear and dread in the hearts of educators and administrators alike....

We speak,
of course,

Spirit Week.
Sitting so quietly in their desks, fooling you into thinking this will be a productive school week with no disturbances....

It all started with Pajama Day. We are a small, private, Christian school featuring a school uniform of white polos and navy blue pants, so I think the mayhem may have resulted from pent-up lack of teen self-expression. I mean, I can only express myself so much by my color of Chuck Taylors that go with my school uni, you know? I pretty much spent the day staring at my shoes, because I felt so very awkward that everywhere my eyes landed I was seeing way too much 15-year-old skin. Ugh tank tops. Then I got militant, fussing at every errant bra strap I saw. Mix and Match Day will be better, right?
A color explosion in the senior class. Actually Mix and Match Day might have been the best in terms of "silly yet appropriate" because so many people went for the layered look. It was really fun :) The Student Council organized a big game of musical chairs at lunch, with each class competing.
Freshmen get their mix on.

Wednesday was "Wannabe Day", with costumes ranging from bumblebees to Kesha to Lady Gaga to an authentic Haitian police uniform, complete with bulletproof vest. I had a Cyndi Lauper, some vampires, a mafioso, many pro athletes, ballerinas, the star of Avatar (the blue one) and all manner of silly things. I went as a cowgirl; my husband went as "a college student" (read: an excuse to wear a Tech tshirt and jeans to work).

Thursday was Formal Day, with my favorite costume being Bearded Tony's "Formal Definition of a Limit". Leave it to the math department.

Friday was Spirit Day.
Middle schoolers on Spirit Day
Clash of the Classes on Friday afternoon. The championship round of the juniors vs. seniors tug-of-war.
Middle school girls prepare for battle.

My boss, our high school principal Rod, and The Other Ben (middle school math and science) throw their weight in with the middle school girls. 
Leaping over other standing people is apparently a hot high school boy trend. No joke. Google it.
Sophomores, victorious champions of the Clash of the Classes
Just us :)

Those three pictures above? Those 75 or so teenagers? That's our life here in Haiti. Add in another 24 squirrly freshmen, and that's my whole job, my mission field, my herd of sheep, my constant source of worry and prayer and effort. The reason I love my job; the reason I pull out my hair. If this is what it feels like to parent, I will a) never have the emotional energy, I swear, and b) love every minute of it.

Spirit Fingers,

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  1. Dearest Ben and Katie,
    I found your blog through the Hendricks. And I'm not even sure how I found their blog. But you guys bless my heart. I'm enjoying your posts, praying for you, Haiti, and loving your enthusiasm. I could be your mom. I have a daughter (19) that is going to culinary school in New York. We live in Tucson, AZ. She is doing an externship in NY City right now as part of her school. She writes a blog too. She is a fabulous cook. Check her out at
    Keep up the good work you are doing.
    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee. Is 26.3
    Tenaya Roberts
    Tucson, AZ



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