Friday, October 15, 2010


Don't be confused, Texas friends, I'm not referring to Seguin-near-San-Antonio, but in fact to an area of Haiti. A mountainous area. And I'm climbing that mountain today.

It's the senior class retreat. As the senior class homeroom teacher and sponsor, I am dying to go and bond with the 20 seniors. However, a six hour hike up a mountain in Haiti, unpaved road, possibly washed out by recent rains? Nervous, to say the least. I'm not exactly known for my athletic feats.

The hike is the price of admission for a weekend with the seniors. It's a big deal- only two have ever done this hike before. One has never spent the night away from her mom. At a parent conference yesterday, one mom told me, "when I did that hike once, my legs... turned... to wood. Does this translate to English?"

Ben isn't able to go with me, since we didn't have enough substitute teachers. He helped me pack up my little backpack, which now weighs more than I do. Water: check. Rain slicker: check. Junk food and Things Fall Apart, which I am about to start with the freshmen: check. It's supposed to be really cold up there. And no mosquitoes - joy!

I'll be home on Sunday!



  1. I was so pleased to see your picture and the whole two page spread about you and your ministry in Haiti in the Baylor Magazine today! Praying for you and Ben! From Pamela Wimpee Skaar (Melissa Skaar Theilig's mom and KKG alum)

  2. I think, "legs turned to rubber" would be the English translation. Maybe they have soft wood in Haiti, balsa? Is someone lugging the water up for you all?

  3. Great to hear from you Proud Momma! Yes, I knew Melissa at Baylor, from early freshman year on! Great to hear of your prayers- thank you. And yes, Tony, we had clean water. Thanks for always checking on us :)

  4. Nice to hear about your trip! I hope I recover so that I can do this with the Sr.'s in a few weeks.



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