Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seguin: Part 1

Last Friday was the Quisqueya senior class trip to Seguin, a five-hour hike through the mountains of rural Haiti followed by two days of camping in a rare and beautiful Haitian pine forest. It was absolutely incredible. As the 12th grade sponsor, I was able to attend. I am so glad I went. But I swear I nearly died.

On Friday we drove two hours from the school up the mountain, until the cars could no longer drive on the roads. The 20 students hired 2 donkeys to carry some bags, and then off we went. The entire economy of this remote mountain area depends on physically carrying packs of vegetables and other goods- usually on top of one's head. I hiked by this onion and carrot seller early in the day.
Here we go! Throughout the hike, we would run across little... villages? towns? hamlets? I can't think what to call them. Little pockets of three or four wood one-room homes, a market stand, a common fire. The trail was unpaved, sometimes mud, sometimes fist-sized rocks.
The views were absolutely breathtaking. I kept repeating, "this looks just like Hawaii!" And it does- lush green mountains, nothing like the urban/ car exhaust/ burning trash experience of the big city. The air is crisp, maybe even chilly, and oh so fresh. Cows and goats nibbled on green grass on hillsides.
Early in the hike I ran into some kids. I was walking with my friend Art, who speaks good enough Kreyol to joke around with them, and they posed for a pic.
Here is the little pocket where the kids live.
Part of the view. You can see a bit of the terraced architecture and the random little houses along the trail.
Ladies walking over a little waterfall with their packs on their head- literally everything they eat or need has to come in or out of the mountains this way.
Even waaay out in the rural provinces there are election posters galore. This guy, Jude Celestin, seems to have the most posters, though I know less than nothing about the candidates.
A little market area we walked through. This shows what the people in this area wear.
The fog rolled over the mountaintops, creating an eerie "zoom" effect when you looked into the distance.

The rest of the adventure to come soon, including the half hour I spent in  Haitian home!



  1. What gorgeous views!

  2. I like this, good job guys - I cant wait to walk these trails



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