Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prayers Please

Hey pals.

Seguin pics part 2 and this weekend's whirlwind adventure to Baylor for the alumni award are coming soon. I just sent an email to someone with our current big prayer needs, so I thought I'd share with the class:

1. A big praise for this amazing last weekend. Ben and I were in Texas for a whole 3 days. It was the most affirming, encouraging weekend, and we tried to talk about Haiti nonstop, between eating Chik Fil A and Mexican food like it was our job.

2. The cholera outbreak in Haiti. There are over a thousand sick, with death coming sometimes only 24 hours after first symptoms. It's all completely preventable- just an issue of clean drinking water. 

3. Presidential elections about one month away- the week of Thanksgiving. Crime is not near the levels of a few years ago, but worrisome nonetheless. I think we're just going to lay low for the next month or so.

4. New student discipleship groups at our school, beginning this Friday. So excited to have a group of girls with 45 minutes of dedicated time each week to get closer to Jesus. I'll find out my names in the next day or two. The curriculum is up to me and the girls.




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