Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Open Heart...

We are 48 hours from our jet-set, whirlwind weekend back in Texas.

I desperately want three things out of this weekend. They are the thing that I want out of everything I do, write, or say about Haiti. First, want to remind Americans that the struggle to rebuild still exists. I want to be a reminder, a siren, for the needs of this country. Second, I do not want to make much of my self. Third, I want to make much of the God I serve, the one with whom the restoration of this country is possible.

America quickly forgets about something if it's not told to them on the news, every hour on the hour. Just because CNN is not talking about tent cities, child hunger, and spikes in election-related kidnapping does not mean that they do not exist. My country has not been great at nation building since the Marshall Plan, so I want to talk about Haiti's needs, flaws, and how individuals and the government can make a difference.

My heart is to see this place restored. I know what Haiti is like now, and I want to see Haiti in 20 years and hardly be able to tell the two apart. I want the Haiti of the future to be a place of opportunity so that my students feel they can be more successful here than in the states. I hope some of those students can be involved in civics that are not corrupt, instead of telling me, like one student did this week, that he won’t vote because it won’t change anything. I want  to be abe to bring my kids to this country (or maybe even raise them here, shhh don’t tell our families I said that) and show them a place where there is semi-regular electricity and a decent education system for all kids.

None of those things happen overnight, and we cannot have an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude about Haiti.

Katie and I have a fear: that people will see our blog, or things we write in other places, or articles people write about us, and think it is all about us. That we do this to show off, that we like the attention. The truth is I would spend a hundred lifetimes doing what I am doing now and I couldn’t care less if anyone knew my name or what I did. I only care about impacting the lives of the students I teach, making a difference in this country, and serving my God.

I know that God gives us resources to use for things beyond making our lives better. I believe that because, despite what a certain pastor in Houston would tell you, it is in the Bible. Jesus’ whole ministry was meeting other peoples' needs. Real needs, like being mistreated and needing a Savior. Not perceived false needs, like a new car or a bigger house. So I pray to be someone who points to Him.

When you see us posting a blog, linking to an interview or accepting an award I want you to know that our heart is not, “Look at me, Look at me!” Our heart is "look at this place, look at this devastation, look at the God who cares about it and demands that we do something".

These are the things that I pray about, think about and obsess over. And I hope that less than 96 hours in Texas makes them a reality a little bit more than they are today.



  1. I've been following your blog for about a year now here in North Texas (Frisco) and would never think that...I love your hearts for the Lord and for Haiti. May the Lord bless and encourage you during your time here.

  2. That's why I read your blog... Because I see it as God's blog changing Ben and Katie's hearts...



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