Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Week in Port-au-Prince

 Spotted around campus this week: Ben and baby Hudson, son of our friends the Hendricks. Hudson's mama Heather is into composting, adoption, fair trade, making her own whole-wheat pizza from scratch, organic bug spray, living on a farm, living in community, blogging, and Texas.

So, naturally, I have a perma-crush on her. Plus she taught me how to make the pizza.
Hendrick boys running amok. I love that there are children on this campus. Five little boys, to be exact. And they are in heaven, chasing mammoth lizards to their hearts' delight. A little boy needs a rope swing.
Boss Wilner. Wilner is teaching an auto mechanic elective to our high schoolers this year. He is also fixing the Izzo, the car we recently purchased. These photos above and below were taken approximately 4 minutes before the Izzo's brakes stopped working, thereby causing us to roll out of control across a busy street and smack into a large concrete wall. Quite the maiden voyage.
Mishap. Bearded Tony was along for the ride.
(Shout out to Bearded Tony's friends and fam- hey Floridians! He's doing great, and even made us Shepherd's Pie last night, which we ate in his Fancy-Parlor-slash-air-conditioned-second-bedroom-with-couches.)
Looking for a good time on a Friday night in Port-au-Prince? No further ingredients needed than these: 93 Gourde (a hair over $2 US) Argentinian white wine in an oversized juice box and Chickenfoot dominoes.
On Sunday a family who sends 4 of their kids to Quisqueya invited the on-campus teachers over for lunch. These people are my heroes. In addition to being besties with Soledad O'Brien, they were also named CNN Heroes last spring. We got to be a little part of their feeding program for tent city and ravine kids last Friday. They fed us a delicious lunch last Sunday, and here is a pic of a relaxing afternoon of kids, dogs, and chillin.
Throwing babies in the air is Ben's specialty. He is in love with little Hudson.
Naturally, chickens in our path.
Neighborhood goats
Before school one day last week. If I told you it was hot last spring, I was sorely misguided. Last spring seems like a cold front compared to the August/September scorchers we are experiencing. My "large and in charge" mane is now relegated to "marmish missionary/prima ballerina bun" due to the sweat-box temps.
Seniors in chapel. Due to the plain unis, I am observing that the method of choice for self-expression seems to be freakishly bright shoes- neon, graffiti'ed, bedazzled. Chucks are preferred.
Our Australian high school princiPAL, Rod. He is a great boss, and totally had my back for my very first angry-parent-email. 
Fellow Texan Aaron, high school Bible teacher, father of aforementioned Hudson, chapel worship leader extraordinaire. It is hysterical that the following conversation occurs very regularly in his life:

Haitian teenager: So, Hudson is your adopted son. How come he knows English?
Aaron: Well, he's from America.
Haitian teenager: I don't understand. But he's black. He's not Haitian?
Aaron: He's American.
Teenager: But he's black.
Friends at lunch. This was a very, very exciting day for every Quisqueya kid:
Hamburger day in the Snack Shop.
Heather and Brittany don't teach at Quisqueya, but their husbands do, and they live on campus. Lucky me, they join us every day for lunch, usually with their awesome toddlers in tow. Their toddlers are so great it makes me foolishly think having a baby is easy, therefore making me want to jump right into that deep end.

Almost. Sorry, mom, I probably just made you spill your coffee on your lap.
A friend of ours just started a hair salon that supports her family's ministry to Haitian women. Ben went by for a trim. Do you see what I see, peeking over the gate?
This morning at church. Katie, Miquette, and Jaime are three of my favorite people. They are all extremely talented educators. We are meeting now on Wednesday nights for a little Bible study in Katie and Jaime's apartment next door to ours. We just started working through James.
After church this morning on campus. There is a church that meets in Quisqueya's chapel, and the Hendricks' trampoline is a big hit.

God is so very, very good to me.

Every one of these photos represents the lavish overflow, the big fat juicy blessings, that are laying in my lap for no other reason that he is a good dad who likes to give presents.


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  1. I'm sure your mom knows she has lots of Haitian grandbabies of all ages. We keep praying that the Lord will continue to direct your paths.



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