Saturday, September 11, 2010

That's Amore

Heather, domestic goddess and wife of our Bible teacher Aaron, knows how to do lots of wonderful things such as 1) raise 4 small boys in Haiti, 2) solve your "unhappy tummy" problems with papaya pills, and 3) make whole wheat pizza dough from scratch. I was all over that for the Senior Transitions' class' cooking week.
Heather teaching the kids how to use warm water with the yeast.
Carl pouring oil.
Hudson "helping" with the yeast packet.
Working the dough.
Florian and Heather. The boys really got involved- I loved that.
Boris works it out.
Lorena was quite the perfectionist about the pizza sauce. She did a great job.
Hudson helping, again. I might have snacked on leftover dough bits with him.
Seniors unite around pizza baking! What a fun day.
Seniors silly.

After cooking we covered emergencies and first aid, and next week we begin two weeks on personal finances. If there is one topic I will be hitting hard, it will be finances. A church in Dallas was even so good as to help us get a copy of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University curriculum- we'll be using that with the seniors as we cover saving, retirement, investments, insurance, home buying, bargaining, budgeting, relationships and money, and much more. Can't wait.



  1. Your pizza students could easily get a job in Chicago or New York. Personal Finance, first lesson at our church. Instructor enters, asks how many people go to Starbucks 1,2,3,..7 days a week. Writes $5 on the board. Multiples 5x7x52=about $2,000. Turns and says, "Eat toast, make your own coffee, invest in 401K" and starts walking out (jokingly). I'm guessing your students won't need that lesson.

  2. Love the pics, K. Keep 'em coming.

  3. Yum! What a fun lesson! And LOVING that you will use Dave Ramsey with the students down there! And I'm sure your Mom will have plenty to share too (she'll be a guest lecturer, right?)



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