Thursday, September 30, 2010

TeacHaiti School of Hope

It's almost here!
You've heard us talk about TeacHaiti before, the educational child sponsorship program run by our dear friend and hero, Miquette. For $350 a year, you can sponsor a child from the poorest families of Haiti to go to private, French school, have lunch every day, immunizations, school supplies, books, and other blessings as well. Last year Miquette had 175 kids sponsored in two cities, and now she's up to over 200.

But this year a very special new element is beginning: her very own TeacHaiti School of Hope is opening THIS MONDAY, October 4.
The hooks are hung, waiting for little backpacks! It was always Miquette's dream to one day open a school of her own, mostly because that way she can ensure the highest quality education, nutrition, programming, staff, and other elements of the schooling her sponsored kids receive. But because of the earthquake, the vast majority of Port-au-Prince's schools were damaged. Extra donations arrived. The time was right.
Miquette found a house near Quisqueya (our school, where she is also a staff member) and got to work. It has been transformed into a beautiful, bright green 4-room school house. Ladies, remember how you've seen chalkboard paint blowing up on design blogs as a hot trend? It came in handy.
Two of the classrooms. Do they look like the ones you attended, or your kids? To 60-something little Haitian kiddos, they will be an amazing treat, a luxury, a blessing, an opportunity.
Enough school supplies to start the year at the TeacHaiti School of Hope.
The reason for our visit last week was to stuff backpacks for the school supply distribution to the sponsored kiddos. Meet Katie and Jaime, our next door neighbors/housemates and dear friends. They brighten up my life here.
And, of course, one very special donated supply has come in...
One lucky kid will be awarded the donated Bratz doll. Miquette was going to make it an incentive for excellent behavior or academics.

A few days later all the TeacHaiti parents came to receive their kids' school supplies.
It was so very special. The MOST SPECIAL moment, perhaps in all my time in Haiti, came when my mom got to meet the child she sponsors, a little girl. But I'll save that for my next post :) Keep the Kleenex handy.

I cannot go any further without recognizing one special little girl in Dallas who helped this school supply distribution happen in a most beautiful way.
Her name is Emily. Her mother is my friend, a woman who loves missions with her whole heart and has shared that love with her kids. Emily learned about TeacHaiti last summer when Ben and I shared with the kids at Vacation Bible School about the earthquake, and Haiti's children, and how bringing change for the change drive could help send a Haitian child to school and give them lunches and school supplies. Emily and the other kids at that VBS raised enough change to fill two 5-gallon water jugs; enough to sponsor around 15 kids.

Recently Emily held a lemonade stand and sent the money "to Haiti", via my mom's visit. I think it was around $10.
Miquette received the sweet gift and will use it for the TeacHaiti School of Hope (grand opening this Monday).

Let's all pray for TeacHaiti, the new school, and its bright young students.



  1. Yay, Emily. What a great mom she has (I love her, too) Training up the hearts of her children to be of the things of God.

  2. I'm so glad I got to see this wonderful school while I was visiting. I can't wait to hear updates on how the students are doing (especially little Woogina!). Miquette is such a tireless advocate for Haiti :) Mom



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