Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maman Mwen

Mom is here! We've thrown her into the Haiti deep end. More to come, here are just a few quick pics of the last two days.
Mom's first Tap Tap experience. She was a champ.
Mom meeting her sponsored child through TeacHaiti- little Woogina, who will be a third grader this fall at the TeacHaiti School of Hope. It was a pretty unbelievable moment.
 This morning we went to the TeacHaiti school supply distribution. Many more pics to come!

Off to my birthday dinner (or, as my mom calls it, "our" birthday)...



  1. Yay!!!!! Mom is there safe and sound. Give her a big hug from me and tell her that she is going to just love this experience. How wonderful that she could come and visit......and leave dad at home to root for Baylor. Someone has to do it after all.

  2. I'm so happy your mom could visit you. But ya know what? You two look more like SISTERS!! :-)



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