Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can I ask a flavor?

You know those weird sayings that come into your vocab, from your friends or family? As in, we always ask "are you red-eye to go?" Especially if I am talking to my fambly. Along those lines, you may hear me occasionally request a flavor from someone.

Here's the flavor I am asking for today. Will you commit to something with us?

Will you commit to praying for two big-ticket items?
1. That the students of Quisqueya would fall deeply in love with Jesus and come to know Him.
2. That the Haitian presidential elections (late November) would be peaceful and just, and that a person will be chosen who loves God and will do the job with honesty and excellence.

We are praying them every day. Will you join us? Your prayers matter.

PS Along those lines (Quisqueya students and saying silly things), a woman apparently came up to my mother last spring and declared, eyes brimming with sincerity, that she was devotedly reading our blog and praying daily for the students of Quesadilla School. :) Love that.

PSS Is there anybody else in your life who cares about Haiti, missions, student ministry, Third World life, crazy newlyweds, teaching, rat-catching, or the other strange themes of this little blog? If so, consider forwarding us along to some friends. We need everybody we can find praying for these things as well.




  1. Hey Katie!
    I've been following your blog since this summer. We are friends with the Hendrick family and Heather pointed me your way (maybe on her blog?). YES- I will be praying for these things. And for the precious quesadilla children.
    ; )


  2. Katie- we have long prayed for Haiti as the school that our girls graduated from, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, has a sister school located in Ouanaminthe. And now we pray for you as well.



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