Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

I have completely enjoyed teaching Senior Transitions this fall. So far we have spent a week covering college applications, another on domestic skills/carpentry, and then cooking. Next up: first aid and finances. I love this class! Plus, I have the seniors for homeroom, so it is a special chance to bond with the seniors.

For cooking week, the seniors learned to make a breakfast, a dinner, and 5 desserts. Here's how the breakfast day went:
All 19 seniors in my class tramped across the street to our apartment to learn to make pancakes and eggs sunny side up. Carl started out the demonstrations by cracking an egg.
Whisking is an art, says Mr. Kilpatrick.
Boris was so cute learning to flip a pancake.
Celine taught us all how to separate the egg whites.
Silly Ben makes a Mickey Mouse pancake.
Seniors chowing down on their finished products.
Rudayna was so excited as she poured and flipped her Mickey Mouse pancake.
Florian was our expert consultant in the eggs sunny side up department. So talented. Did I mention this kid is going to Duke pre-med? I'm trying my best to convince him to head elsewhere, but results are slow in coming.

It was hot as blue blazes, but such good clean fun.


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  1. I like that ratio of what they learned to cook...one breakfast, one dinner, FIVE desserts. Sounds about right to me.



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